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"Since Person Pitch’s release, Panda Bear has influenced the sound of more artists than could probably be counted. However, few of them can hold their own well or are as enjoyable as Field Trips, a German director and musician. Much like Panda Bear, the vocals here are layered in impossibly sunny multi-part harmonies that soar over the looped samples that make up the actual music of the track. Normally I would dismiss this track as yet another Panda Bear/Beach Boys knock-off, but the songs Field Trips has crafted are simply too good to be ignored." www.collegiatetimes.com

"Well this is a splendid jam that sounds a bit like The Beach Boys meets Wavves meets The Drums. Ergo it’s a pretty darn fun and perfect let’s go surfing and get all covered in sand weather eargasm jam…" danceyrselfclean.tumblr.com

"Field Trips is finally back with his 2nd song ever! Recorded during a night which would have made Hemingway proud, uUu is a summery, Bradford-Cox-writing-for-the-Beach-Boys track that derives its namesake from the sheer abundance of falsetto-ed ooooOOOOOooooos that Field Trips spins throughout. It’s a wonderful song ripe for any sunny afternoon or evening when you’re doing your thing. " goldsweatshirt.com

"School has officially started all around Spaced City, but that doesn't mean that summer is over. It won't be cool around here for at least another two months. With that in mind, here are some more summery jams for your listening pleasure. Field Trips come to you all the way from Leipzig, Germany and play just the kind of bubbly indie pop music that I always fall for. Summer Forever." spacedcity.blogspot.de

"When summer had just begun, i stumbled across the dreamy and mysterious musical stylings of Field Trips, who had only released one song at the time. About one month later i received an email from them that enclosed details on a new track (apparently recorded after 2 bottles of gin). I downloaded it immediately and have had it on repeat ever since. Not sure why it took me so long to post it up here but i thought it was pretty fitting as the end of summer draws near. Each time i hear it, i feel as if i’m transported to a lush California beach where the sun is setting on an adventurous day. Bottle of wine in hand, lover by my side. All is right in this world." suburbantours.tumblr.com

"If you’ve been reading this silly blog for a while you’ll know that I go bananas over this type of jam. So I’m going to limit the amount of words that I say about this director/musician from Leipzig, Germany but I do want to say that I think this is what it would be like if Bradford Cox, Brian Wilson and Noah Lennox teamed up to create musical sunshine." www.headunderwater.com

"Field Trips first release “I Am The Sun” was solid don’t get me wrong but “uUu” is a cut above. Although Field Trips partially sound-tracked my summer, I feel that they deserve more credit than just seasonal lo-fi. Yes, their melodies do manifest themselves in a solar oriented way yet again, I could find myself listening to these guys (4 to be exact) all year long. In “uUu” we hear the boy’s chanting about seasonal dream relationships in a way that emulates “early” slowed down Jackson 5 records. While this description may seem strange the sound is just the opposite. Refreshing keyboard parts and a bass-line that emits reverb like a boss, comprise the golden and undoubtedly vintage sound of “uUu.” And if Field Trips continues to release sounds like these, they may become part of my Winter and Spring soundtrack as well." deepsees.tumblr.com

"now this is what happened when you locked kids up in a room and let them listen to the beach boys day and night!
this song from field trips is like a lo-fi beach boys."

"En The JangleBox nos seguimos tomando en serio proyectos como el de Basti, el personaje que se “esconde” tras Field Trips y que nos regaló un nuevo tema para postearlo y compartirlo con todos vosotros. Desconozco hasta qué punto su interés por la música seguirá adelante, pero con temas como éste le auguro un futuro prometedor. Pop-Surfero y animoso mezclado con tintes de Bubblegum. En este caso ha sampleado otro tema de la época dorada del Pop (Lifetime day, de Eternyty´s Children), y el resultado es absolutamente espectacular. Os recomiendo encarecidamente su escucha y su descarga (legal y gratuita)." thejanglebox.wordpress.com


released July 4, 2011




Field Trips Leipzig, Germany

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