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"This is the new one from our dude Field Trips who’s still churning out beach tunes from sunny Leipzig, Germany. Cards’n'Hearts is only the third track he’s released [save for a remix] but it’s a clear sign that Field Trips’ style of fuzzy, sample-based pop music is still sweet and getting sweeter."

"Fuck yes a new one from Field Trips! This jam is a mix of so many different styles. Honestly there’s so much going on in “Cards’ n ‘Hearts” that at first it feels a bit overwhelming but after a few seconds it all makes sense. Think MGMT’s “Kids,” well the kids in the beginning of the track meets Animal Collective meets Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. Yep it’s all that wackadoo amazingness rolled into one damn interesting package."

"El último single de Field Trips (en realidad el proyecto de nuestro amigo alemán Basti), es otro bonito ejemplo de Sampler-Pop cocinado a fuego lento en su estudio casero. Se trata en realidad de un tercer sencillo y de un tema a incluir en su próximo disco, que, según nos anuncia, aparecerá este próximo año.
Sin duda uno de los proyectos más imaginativos, divertidos y hedonistas que han aparecido en los últimos tiempos, la música de Field Trips tiene mucho de Pop soleado pero también de ese Pop luminoso con ecos añejos. Como siempre, puedes descargarlo desde su Bandcamp. Esperamos con ansia su debut en largo."

"Here's a Saturday afternoon treat for you all: Field Trips (who are from Leipzig, Germany -- not Oakland, as I learned from my last post about them) have released another track from their upcoming album. "Cards 'n' Hearts" is reminiscent of Animal Collective (and Panda Bear) in its layers of rhythmic, chanting vocals and loops of guitar-strums, yet there's still something about the way that Field Trips crafts songs that is entirely unique...the repetitive, hypnotic quality of their psychedelic-pop ensures that this track will be on repeat for awhile."


released October 21, 2011




Field Trips Leipzig, Germany

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